Monday, October 6, 2014


Sometimes I have to remind myself that crying doesn't make me any less.

Crying doesn't mean I have "lost."

Crying doesn't mean I am weak.

If I cry after doing something hard, that doesn't mean it was any less of an accomplishment. I can do hard things, and the hard thing was still done even if it made me cry.

I may have cried today. But that's because today was one hell of a day. And I am one amazing person who can do hard things.


  1. You are an amazing person! Love you, and sorry you had such a rough day. <3

    1. Thanks. I kind of laugh but am also grateful for this post because I wrote it while we were eating dinner and talking about my sub job yesterday. And then an hour later was when all the hell broke loose and I cried the rest of the night. But I kept reminding myself that crying didn't make me less. So I guess it was a tender mercy that I had this realization before my day got worse...