Thursday, October 16, 2014

Sometimes I get lonely

It's true.

I don't know if that's hard for people to imagine because I am a fairly bubbly person. I like being around people (though I'd say I'm more on the introverted side than extroverted). I like making friends and spending time with friends. And heck, I'm open about the hard things going on my life. Or at least I am on this blog. But talking about it on the blog is much different than talking about it in person.

This year has been really hard for me. It's also been a huge blessing in a lot of ways, but right now I'm dealing with the hard.

It's been hard because of the hell in February.
It's been hard because I was severely depressed when I moved. And I wasn't able to have a counselor to help me through that.
It's been hard for me to make friends because it's hard for me to really open up in person. I feel like I don't know how to relate to the "real world." I feel safest in my recovery bubble, and I'm kind of afraid of people who are not in that recovery bubble.
I am pregnant, which has definitely been the highlight of my year. But my pregnancy has been really hard, physically. I was really sick the first 18ish weeks. And now I'm on bed rest (temporarily).
I'm still dealing with porn in my life. That's hard.
I'm even more afraid to open up to people in "real life" because of an event that happened with a friend who I was open with.
Ben works a lot to support us. Because I can't work right now. I feel lonely all day, and even sometimes at night when he is home because his mind is elsewhere.

So that's part of it.

Sometimes I get lonely.

As I studied my scriptures and wrote in my journal today, I wrote about figuring out how to use the Atonement right now. I know I'm supposed to be constantly learning more about the Atonement and learning how it applies to me. I want to draw closer to Christ because I know that it is only through Him that I will be healed.

For today, this is what I came up with as I was writing in my journal about the hard and the lonely.

Christ felt lonely too. He led a perfect life and then suffered in the Garden and on the cross. While in the Garden, He asked His disciples to stay awake. When He came out and they were asleep, I imagine He felt lonely. All He asked is that they would be awake with Him while He took on all the pains and sins of the world. And they fell asleep.

But at that time, He had angels strengthening Him. However, on the cross is where He felt the loneliest. We see that when He cries, "My God, why has thou forsaken me?" Through His entire journey, He felt the presence of God except at that time. At that time, He had to do it alone.

So He knows how I feel. And because He has felt loneliness in a way I will never feel, He knows exactly what I need to help me through mine. And He really has been giving me little things to help me through. So I guess I'm not as lonely as I sometimes feel.

I have felt angels lifting me up. I know I'm never truly alone.


  1. Thanks for this Kilee, I needed it today.

  2. Loneliness has been a fairly regular companion of mine throughout my life, but most present during the last 3 years. It is a burden that I have carried seemingly alone for so long. The weight can feel so crushing.
    I've had a hard time remembering the atonement, and that it applies to this pain, too.
    Because not only did He feel a loneliness that we could never imagine, when the Father had to withdraw, but in Gethsemane He took on all our sins, our pains and our infirmities... He felt the specific, crushing loneliness that I have felt, He knows perfectly and exactly how I feel. I wish I didn't forget that as much as I do...
    Thanks for reminding me of that today. :)