Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Experiencing a change of heart

"In one who is really wholly converted, desire for things contrary to the gospel of Jesus Christ has actually died. And substituted therefore is a love of God, with a fixed and controlling determination to keep his commandments.” -Marion G. Romney

Action steps:
1) Be willing to allow the Savior to convert your heart.
2) Attend Sunday school, Relief Society, and Priesthood meetings.
3) Be willing to be changed so imperfections may be removed by the power of God.

So, what does it take to become wholly converted? What can we do to experience that change of heart?

The most important tools have been given us by our loving Father. We have an open door of communication through prayer, and we have the scriptures to guide and direct us.

First, I want to talk about prayer. Prayer is such a wonderful gift from Heavenly Father. Through prayer, we can tell Him everything. We can tell Him our fears and cares. We can tell Him our desires. We can tell Him that we want to be changed, and we want to be converted, but we don't know how. We can ask for His help. He can give us revelation. Through prayer, we can bring His spirit into our hearts. If we pray often, He will be with us often.

Scriptures are also crucial. As we study the scriptures, we can be led to words of comfort. We can learn of examples of the prophets to follow. We can learn of Christ and try to emulate His character. We can bring sweet peace into our hearts. We can be awakened to repentance. And words of the scriptures can be a constant reminder of who we are, who we can become, and what to do to get there.

Going to church and attending my meetings is another huge blessing for me. There are days where I was so emotional and didn't want to go. Those days are much fewer now. But I learned that there is a pattern to when I don't want to attend my meetings. It usually happens when I will gain something fantastic from church and satan wants to keep me from bring there. I love church. I love the spirit I feel there, and I love going there to worship. When I remember that my focus is to worship God, I gain so much more, and the spirit hits me stronger.

Those three things--prayer, scriptures, and attending church--are all so important to bringing the Spirit into your life. As the Spirit finds a place in your life, your heart will become softer, and you will gradually come closer to Christ.

In order to experience a true change of heart, you truly have to be willing. I know, it's scary. I'm the kind of girl who has a hard time dealing with change, even if it is good. Change is just, well, change. It's different. It's intimidating. It's scary to be something different; that's why a change of heart can seem overwhelming. But, if you have courage to act in faith and trust God, He will change you. His power will remove your imperfections. His power will make up what you cannot accomplish on your own.

Even now, two years after trying to heal from this trial, I'm not perfect. I still need a change of heart. But, I have healed a lot. Here are some changes I have experienced already:

-My attitude has changed from Husband doing this to me. I no longer take it personally. I can see His struggles and try to help Him.

-I am more patient. In general, I am more patient and loving to those around me (including myself)

-I am much happier.

-I can see my blessings for what they are: tender mercies from a loving Father.

-I am more willing to serve.

-I can feel joy and peace.

There is so much more, but those are some. I still have lots of work to do, but I'm getting there. As long as I keep working hard and relying on God and turning myself over to Him, I have faith that I will get where I am supposed to go and become the woman He knows I can be.

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