Sunday, May 19, 2013

Angels are on our side

My brother got married yesterday. My husband stayed clean enough to be at the temple with me (and hopefully will stay clean for a while)!!

While the sealer was talking, he said one thing in particular that stood out to me. As he talked about our ancestors and future posterity, he said "I believe they are all up there praying for you, praying for you to make right choices." 

Wow. When he said that, my husband squeezed my hand, and I almost started crying. Granted, that was perfect for my brother, and I hope it gave him strength. But it was also perfect for my husband and me to hear on a day that we could attend the temple together (tender mercy). 

I LOVE that we have the power of angels to strengthen us and pray for us. I love the thought of those who have gone before us, who know what heaven is like, cheering us on. And I love the thought of our future children hoping for their daddy to stay on the right path and their mommy to stay strong alongside him. 

I love that we are on this journey together, and I pray every day for us. 

I am also praying for all of you out there, especially those whose blogs I read and I can see your story unfold and feel your pain. Here is a shout out to all you beautiful women. Stay strong. Stay close to the Spirit. Let Him guide you. He loves you. And, you have angels cheering/praying for you too! 

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