Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Christ. I love Him.

If you're reading this and you're not LDS, you might see the word Book of Mormon and want to click off the screen. I'd say keep reading because what I read today in the Book of Mormon is beautiful. It's about Jesus Christ, His role on earth, and our relationship with Him and His sacrifice.

I'm doing a Book of Mormon challenge with my Sunday School class. I didn't want to at first because I really kind of hate BoM challenges. Jack and I felt inspired to assign it to our class, but I was hesitant because I, myself, did not want to do it. I like doing topical studies or turning to where I feel like I should study. Or I like taking my time and not having a deadline as to when I should finish the Book of Mormon. But I have been doing it, and I'm beating all those 14-year-olds! (haha)

This challenge has been so good for me. For one thing, my testimony of the Book of Mormon is getting stronger. My testimony of Jesus Christ is getting stronger. And I keep finding scriptures at the perfect time I need them. Like today.

Today I read Alma 7. This is one of my favorite passages of scripture ever. In this chapter, Alma describes the Savior's ministry here on earth, and he also tells us what our obligations are to our Savior.

-He suffered every kind of pain, affliction, and temptation. Every kind! He knows exactly what I'm going through at all times. No matter the pain. No matter the heartache. No matter the temptation. He has felt it, and because He has felt it, He knows exactly how to help me.
-His sufferings allowed Him to be filled with mercy, and He knows how to succor (assist/support in times of distress) us.
-He loosed the bands of death. We can be resurrected and live, body and spirit, forever.
-He took upon Himself all of our sins so we can be completely forgiven. He, who was completely innocent, took upon Himself the burdens of our sins. Because of that, our sins can be blotted out.

A lot of times, people think the Atonement is just for our sins. We forget that it covers everything--pains, afflictions, infirmities, and temptations. I love that in these verses (11-13), it talks about the other stuff before sins. For me, someone who experiences a lot of pain, that is so healing. To realize that those other aspects are just as important (or more-so?) is beautiful. And He can succor me.

-To put the Atonement in effect for us, we have to repent and be born again. We have to be baptized so our sins are washed away.
-We have to have faith in Him and fear not! I feel like fear not is especially for me. I fear a lot. My faith in Christ should help me overcome my fears. I also recognize that fear is of Satan, not of God.
-We are told to be humble, submissive, gentle, easy to be entreated (approachable to for someone to ask us for help), patient, long-suffering, temperate, and diligent. Each of those traits are things I have been working on in my marriage. To have charity. To have a loving relationship with my husband. To exemplify Christ. When I read that today, I was like BOOM! I'm on the right track :)
-We need to ask God for the things we need--both temporal and spiritual. And we must remember to always give thanks for what He gives us.
-And, we must have faith, hope, charity, and remember to serve (good works) others. Look beyond ourselves at others' needs.

Christ gives us so much. He provides the way for us to be healed. He provides the way for us to be made whole.

As I've written, I have been in a lot of pain lately. I know many of you have too from what I've been reading on others' blogs. Christ provides peace. I know I can always turn to Him for my needs to be met. On the days I feel like life is unbearable and unmanageable, I can turn it over to Him. He has given me strength to get through the day. And the next day. And the next. He carries me until I have the ability to carry myself, and then He walks by me. I'm grateful for that because I stumble and fall a lot, and He is there to pick me up (if I let Him).

Christ gives me so much. And I'm not asked nearly as much in return. Besides, all that I'm asked to do makes me better and more receptive to peace and healing.

I love it. I love Him.

I can't express that enough. I. LOVE. HIM.

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