Wednesday, July 24, 2013

We are pioneers!

Hi, my name is [Marie], and I'm a modern-day pioneer.

In the Utah and LDS communities, today is a holiday called Pioneer Day. Today, we celebrate our ancestors who moved across the globe to follow the prophet's call (and Utahns who aren't LDS may just celebrate the fact that Utah was settled by pioneers who paved a way across America). Today, I celebrate their strength, their devotion, and their desire to follow Christ.

I know pioneer stories. Women gave birth on the trails travelling west. Women lost husbands and children. Families lost fathers, mothers, grandparents, siblings and dear friends. People starved. People froze. People were killed by threatening mobs. Our pioneer ancestors endured so much. Their stories give me hope and strength, and I am proud to honor them on this special day.

When I hear/read/discover stories of our pioneer ancestors, I can't help but think how I don't think I could do that. Their trials sound impossible. Many of them probably thought the same thing. However, they did it. They made it through because of the grace of God. They had hope and faith. I know many of them were grateful for their sufferings because it brought them humility, gratitude, and closer to their Savior.

When I think of my own trials, I sometimes can't help but think how impossible they seem. I have many examples, though, that show me nothing is impossible. I have God on my side to lift me up and give me strength. I also have the ministering of angels to lift me up and give me strength. I've seen examples in my pioneer ancestry, and I read of examples in the Bible and Book of Mormon, that show me how I can be lifted. They show me that through my Savior, I can have strength to bear all things.

The world is still full of pioneers. I am one. I am a pioneer fighting sexual immorality and fighting to save my marriage. I am a pioneer trying to help others understand sex-addiction and not be so judgmental about it. I am a pioneer trying to help others come unto Christ and find the healing they need.

You are a modern-day pioneer. If you don't think you are, you can be. Today.

Today is pioneer day. Do something to honor our ancestors. Find a cause to fight for! Share the good news of the gospel with others! Befriend someone who needs it! Serve someone today! Share joy! Share love! That's what it's all about!

And if you are a pioneer fighting sexual immorality and finding healing in your marriage (or something else that is just really really hard), celebrate yourself today. Eat some brownies or something! I know I will!

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