Sunday, February 3, 2013

Fast Sunday

In December, someone told me at group that someone told her that if you fast for your husband for six months in a row, then you will be blessed.

Today was my second month of fasting for my husband.

I fasted for him to have strength to do what he needs to do to overcome his addiction and keep fighting off Satan. Through that, I was also fasting for him to get his temple recommend. I also fasted for us to love each other better.

The past few days, we have been fighting a lot. A LOT. It's been really sad and also annoying because I don't know why we keep fighting, and all of our arguments are completely stupid. But today, after church, we had some much needed time alone where we just cuddled in bed and talked. It was so refreshing and tender, and to me, it was an answer to my prayers to be closer and love each other better.

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