Saturday, February 9, 2013

Step 2: Hope (Part 4/4)

Key Principle: Come to believe that the power of God can restore you to complete spiritual health. 

Action Steps
1. Pray; read and ponder the scriptures.
2. Believe in God the Eternal Father and in His son, Jesus Christ, and in the Holy Ghost.

"The action required in step 2 is simply to become willing to practice believing in the love and mercy of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and the accessibility and blessing of the Holy Ghost. Our testimonies are that you can come to know the perfectly united love of the Godhead by watching for evidence of Their love and power in your life an in the lives of other" (emphasis added, pg 8).

Become willing to practice.

That's not too hard, right? I can become willing to practice believing.

Yesterday, I talked about Alma chapter 32 and how he asked the people to experiment upon his words. Well, I'd issue the same idea/challenge today. Experiment discovering and believing in the love and mercy of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Experiment discovering and believing in the accessibility and blessing of the Holy Ghost. Watch for evidence of their love and power.

There are many witnesses in heaven and in earth that testify of God and His Son.
What evidence can you find of them and their love for you?

For me, its the tender mercies. It's the sweet feelings of peace I have when I pour out my heart to God in prayer, and I sob through my prayer because of the pain I have felt. He always sends me sweet relief to let me know He is there. It's my dog knowing when I am sad and coming to cuddle with me. It's promptings I receive and follow to serve someone, and that someone ends up serving me. It's the teenagers in our ward who I see setting a good example to their peers (and to me). It's the words of the hymns that touch me like never before. It's the realization of the Atonement.

There are so many things in my life that I can say yes, that is evidence of a divine being who loves me.

A missionary for the Addiction Recovery Program challenged me to list five things I am grateful for every day for thirty days. That is finding 150 things I am grateful for in a month. When I did that, I realized how blessed I am (and yes, I did include things like I am grateful for the brownie I just ate because it was so delicious). If you are having trouble finding how much you are blessed, try that. Or just try finding three things each day.

Pray. Read and ponder the scriptures. Become willing to practice believing in the love and mercy of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. These things will help soften your heart, develop humility, and open the door to trusting the Lord. These things will bring you hope, or open the door for hope.

If you need to, go to and find the program guide. Do the study and understanding for step 2. Take your time. Put in some thought and prayer. Open the door for the Holy Ghost to guide you. You will be blessed. Start recognizing the tender mercies of the Lord, and you will see how much He does love you.

I can't wait to start step 3!

Remember, take your time. Go at your own pace. Things might feel slow, but Heavenly Father knows how to help you, and only He can help heal you of the pain you are suffering.

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